Jamie Chung: Complex Cover Girl

Jamie Chung takes the February 2011 cover of Complex magazine.

On going out for bad girl Blondie in Sucker Punch: “There was a screening process with the cast and directors, and then I went in to meet with Zack. Originally, the part I went out for was Vanessa Hudgens’ role, [this character called] Blondie. And Vanessa got the part. I was devastated. It felt like I broke up with a boyfriend. But then, a month later, three girls dropped out because of scheduling conflicts, and lucky for me, I got the part of Amber. So I was really fortunate.”

On her own character, Amber: “She’s the glue to the group, and even throughout all the different fantasy worlds, she still carries on this character trait of being the one that’s down to keep the girls together. Amber is basically a fiercely loyal friend to all the girls.”

On her audition for Hangover II:” I was vacationing last summer with my boyfriend in the Philippines—it took over 24 hours to travel there—and we were a day into the vacation when I got a phone call from my manager, like, “You need to come back to L.A.” I said, “You’re fu***** kidding me, I just got here. What the hell for?” Then, she said, “It’s The Hangover Part II.” We spent that entire day changing our flights so we could fly out first thing in the morning.

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